The Patented LRP does in hours what currently takes days.  The LRP equipment decakes which is breaking up litter into very fine particles.  This allows for quicker off gassing, quicker drying while giving much more surface area to capture moisture from the next flock. Dryer litter! Then, the LRP injects hot air in excess of 160 degrees Fahrenheit mixed into the litter to further process and killing the bacteria, reducing moisture and helps eliminate ammonia and smell.

Less moisture… Less LIFE!
Less moisture… Less AMMONIA!
Less moisture… BETTER SMELL!

Then all this is followed up with ultraviolet light to sterilize the now treated litter’s top surface while destroying all carbon gasses mainly ammonia gas.  And, as an added plus it can destroy left over ozone, if any.  All while leaving the litter in a fresher smelling and level position ready for the next flock.  No spreading necessary! Completed in hours not days! No windrowing. Leaves the litter in place. LESS decaking means saving litter loss. Saving TIME. Saving MONEY. Increse PROFIT for all concerned. The "Litter Reviver Plus", a
new and efficient way to manage poultry LITTER.