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The LRP “Litter Reviver Plus” takes the poultry industry into the future with its new GREEN and HUMANE approach. This equipment does in hours what currently now takes days. As the industry continues to grow and the demand for poultry continues to increase the old and antiquated ways need much improvement. The need to take the existing litter/bedding material (that is used for up to two years) back to as pristine condition as possible and as fast as possible is exactly what the LRP is designed to do. This new Green and Humane equipment improves the litter and the enviroment for the birds, (HUMANE) by starting with decaking/breaking up the used compacted litter into very fine particles allowing quicker off gassing and more surface area keeping the litter dryer and fresher. Next by injecting hot air in excess of 160 degrees as the drying process while eliminating pathogens. Ozone is the best known way to oxidize/burn organic matter, bacteria, viruses, ammonia gas, and all other forms of gas or small carbon-based material into ash. Ozone spends itself very quickly leaving a fresher smelling environment. This is followed up with a UV reactor that then sterilizes the top layer of the litter. It also converts ozone, if any, that may be left over back into oxygen. The best way to think about oxidation is to think about an old car setting over in a field. This old car over time slowly oxides, burns, rusts and left there it will be consumed back into the earth. (Slow Burn) This is done with 02 or oxygen. What we inject into the litter is 03 or ozone. Ozone is a very unstable molecule. It can do in seconds what 02/oxygen does over years. It is the fresh smell you smell after a lighting strike. It instantly refreshes the air from carbon compounds, contaminants, and odor. It is one of God’s way of cleaning the planet. Do you recall the large lighted signs over the interstate that says, “Warning Ozone Day”?  The sun is converting oxygen into ozone to clean the air of all the carbon gasses coming from all the automobile exhaust.  Ozone is safe, effective and fast, used correctly.