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The LRP “Litter Reviver Plus” easily uses the classic 3pt hitch attachment available on most tractors.

Litter Reviver is available in 5' and three different models and is the most affordable machine on the market for litter management and control.

This very unique equipment offers drying the litter, decaking litter and oxidizing of ammonia, bacteria, and other organic matter and then sterilizes.

This equipment does in hours what windrowing does in days. PLUS! other features that are not available in any other equipment.

This Patented equipment offgera GREEN and HUMANE treatment of the litter and air quality. Thus, giving all concerns a better food product and the birds a much better environment with less stress. Reduce, if not eliminate, the need for antibiotic feed. Drastically, reduces the carbon footprint. Refreshes litter to a more pristine state.

LRP makes finer litter particles for more surface area and for more complete moisture absorption. This process offers less decomposition of the litter so ideally litter can be used longer. No Moisture... No Ammonia... No Moisture... No Life, i.e. bacteria etc... dryer safer litter is the objective.

Healthier birds, less mortality is the goal.