Roy Underwood CEO/Visionary

RUCO, Inc. Sees its responsibilities to several segments of society.

First and foremost honest and fair dealings will be the foundation on which we will build relationships.

We pledge always high quality products. These products are to be of the best workmanship and priced fairly.

Fair compensation and job security to the best of our ability. Also according to one’s involvement, talent, and initiative we will offer advancement. We realize it is people that make a company great. It is with this in mind we offer the above mentioned to assure said employee they are part of a team that cares.

RUCO, Inc wants and desires to promote a professional partnership with the suppliers who provide for our manufacturing needs. We are willing to pay a fair price for the products receive. It is our expectations to receive the highest quality product for a fair and reasonable price. A long lasting relationship, such as the one we share with our Distributors & retailers, is our ultimate goal for the relationship.

RUCO, Inc will be a good company neighbor and corporate citizen. We plan to pay our fair share of local taxes as well as being involved in civic affairs. It is our intentions to provide good jobs and operate a safe and environmentally friendly work place.

TO GOD BE THE GLORY To the consumer: To our employees: To our suppliers: To the community: Our Creed