UV-C light has been used to kill germs, bacteria and viruses for over 100 years. UV-C is a type of ultraviolet light that occurs naturally and is filtered out by the earth’s atmosphere. UV-C technology is used today in hospitals, commercial buildings and other public spaces to kill pathogens in water, on surfaces and in the air.

 The “C” stands for the specific wavelength of ultraviolet light that disrupts the DNA of organisms rendering them unable to reproduce. This light frequency is highly effective at penetrating thin-walled pathogens like germs, viruses, and bacteria. The UV-C light alters the genetic structure of the pathogen rendering it damaged or inert.

 The UV lamps on board the robot are the most powerful lamps available for this application. This commercial equipment as an Air Sanitizer reaches out with UVC band light in killing capacity up 6 (six) feet and 360 degrees. The UV-C light bounces off most any reflective material which further increases the UV-C light’s intensity as well as increase the dwell time of the airborne pathogens. This combination helps to effectively combat allergens, bacteria, germs and viruses.

 No UV system can guarantee complete safety from coronavirus or other contaminates. However, this UV system ran as directed provides protection from airborne and surface area pathogens where UVC touches. In addition to maintaining a healthy air quality in your office, hospital, school warehouse, airport etc…however, it is important to sanitize surfaces that the Robot does not cover, and exercise precaution and follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations anytime you may be exposed to bacteria or viruses.

 We suggest replacing the UV-C lamps every 10,000 hours, or every year if the lamps have been in use for 10,000 hours, whichever comes first to maintain optimum performance. An onboard run-time indicator monitors the hours of usage and alerts you when it is time to replace the lamps. The lamps is easy to replace and is available through RUCO, Inc or anywhere RUCO, Inc parts are sold.

 No. The type of UV-C lamp technology that we use does not emit any harmful ozone.

THE UTRAVIOLET ROBOT being introduced by RUCO Inc. may look unintimidating, but don’t let that fool you. It is powerful in killing pathogens in water and air, which could have multiple uses for public safety.

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